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Idol Marine is owned by Adriaan de Beer. Adriaan has been in the Marine Aquarium business since 2003 and has kept marine aquariums since he was at school and has extensive knowledge of all things marine aquarium related. Adriaan is personally involved with all aspects of the business and he personally meets with all customers to discuss their aquarium needs which entails advice on new aquarium design and layout, as well as livestock best suited for the individual aquarium.

Idol Marine was started in 2004 by Adriaan  and has since then been trading as a specialized marine aquarium design and manufacturing business.

Our retail store stocks only products that are tried and tested and that we will use in our own systems. Our stock includes everything needed for keeping a healthy marine aquarium system. We keep a good selection of coral and fish and we do special orders for clients as well.

Our design and manufacturing side deals with all your aquarium design and building needs.  Depending on the size of the system, we either install on site or we assemble everything at our factory.

Everything gets built in house except for our woodwork and our reef rocks and artificial coral reefs, those are outsourced to specialists.

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